Welcome to Phantom Steelworks.

My name is Chris Martin.

New School, in your face blades is what I am about. Making knives is an expression of who I am and not what I am trying to be. Some people love my work while others hate it. I would much rather be hated for having an innovative design than loved for being ordinary. With so much talent out there, being different from the norm is a very difficult task but that is where the drive comes in. The support I get from those of you who dig my work is what fuels the fire for me.

I am now offering my personal line of Sterling Silver skull jewelry. I am always revamping my gallery with new knife designs but now I will be loading my very own Skull line as well. So stay tuned!!!

I always offer a 15% discount to Military and LEO's. You guys go through hell for your country and its the least I can do. I thank you ALL for your service!!!!!!!!!! We are forever in your debt's.......

I welcome custom and one-off designs but pricing and turn-around time varies. If you would like to discuss details please feel free to email me.

Stay tuned for a couple collab's with Colin Despins AKA Max Venom. Its going to get bloody....;-0:

Keep it wicked,

Chris Martin

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