Top popular skull jewelry among college girls

College is all about studies, but it's also about discovering your personality. While you can always get back on track with different helpful services (like the ones observed in papernow reviews or ninja essays reviews), you have enough time for the activities you like. One of the most popular ways to express yourself in high school and college is wearing accessories (there should also be tattoos here, but as we will be talking about girls, the most popular are still accessories). Girls are different: some like pink sweaters while some prefer to underline their individuality with wearing skulls. In this article, we will observe the twelve most popular skull accessories used by high school and college girls.

Ways that college girls can wear skulls

Now when you can delegate your homework to writing services like superbpaper or maybe boostmygrades agency (it's up to you to decide based on reviews), you can concentrate more on how you look like. The skull trend is not new, and there are plenty of ways to use skulls as your accessories (and namely, twelve):

Sterling silver chocker

It weighs 12 grams (you will definitely find it on Amazon for around $150), which means it is not only heavy but is also of good quality. It has a bronze overlay that gives great contrast, and it is a perfect match for "dead" designs lovers;

Black earrings (with a skull, of course)

This accessory is a cheap (just $24) and classic way to add to any outfit. Skull designs made by Tarina Tarantino, for example, make you look subtle and gorgeous. These earrings are metal, and will suit any style, from yours to your mom;

Nameplate Necklace

This one you can also find on Amazon at $140. It is made of yellow gold, but to save some money, you can always find cheaper alternatives from imitation jewelry. You can pick up to nine letters on it which makes it a perfect means of expression;

Double Cuff

It is handmade, has two stylish sculls on each one and makes a great extra to any bracelet. The main benefit is that you can customize it to your taste;

Gothic Skull Studs

These things are great for your hairstyle as they are small, cute and can complement even formal outfit. At the same time, they can serve as a good conversation starter;

Silver Necklace

It is perfect if you want to demonstrate to people that you are bad to the bone. The basic length is fifteen inches, and it sits just right on the collar bone. Besides, it is quite cheap - just $20;

Sugar Bean Studs

These ones are a bit different compared to the gothic style but are still worth your attention. It s made of shimmery stones and comes in red and blue colors. These studs are going to show people that you are a really bad girl;

Gold Hammered Skull Ring

One of the most popular accessories is rings. For example, Mercedes Salazar versatile and bold designs for just $30;

King Baby Sakura Ring

This floral crown wrapped design is also a great example of the skull ring that has a great balance of hard and soft. The original thing is too expensive for a college student, but there are many ways to find an alternative;

Skull bracelet

One thing made completely of sculls that will say, "Yes, I'm this kind of girl." You can choose from a range of forms, materials, and colors;

Skull Pin

This beautiful little accessory will add a gothic touch to your overall outfit. It may look fun or terrifying, to your taste;

Mini earrings

There are plenty of options when it comes to earrings, so this one is also nice to try.